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Taking care of plants is taking care of yourself

The name Dau stands for the beauty of the dawn, for young, fresh and new. Dau is also about learning to see the beauty in small things, like a dewdrop on a leaf.

Contemplating the little beauties in life is important for our mental health. Dau likes to give you plants as a way to find yourself. So that next time life asks a lot of you, you can return to something you put your feet on the earth (literally).

Above all, enjoy beauty that grows.

Kaat Thijs - Founder

Easy houseplants

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voeding voor kamerplanten met hand die korrels vasthoudt

Food and potting soil

Nutrition and potting soil that both you and your plant feel good about? Here you will find our range of sustainable and organic products!

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Frequently Asked Questions


It goes without saying that we pack every product with the necessary care and attention. In doing so, we take into account both the protection factor and sustainability.

The plants are packed in such a way that they cannot slide, that their leaves are protected and that the potting soil does not fly around. This is how the plant arrives radiant for your first introduction (but feel free to keep jogging yourself).

If an item arrives damaged, we will look for a solution together. Don't worry.


You can return your order free of charge up to 14 days after arrival.

Food and potting soil can only be returned unopened. For all products, the general guideline is that you can only return them if you have treated them in the same way as you would in a physical store.

If an item arrives damaged at your home, the full amount will be refunded. will be refunded to your account and we will pay the return costs.


Look at your Dau-Herbarium:

Little thirst: may dry out almost completely. Is your pot very light? Then it's probably time!

Average thirst: may dehydrate up to 50%. Stick your finger in the soil (or use a water meter), do you feel wetness before you reach the center of the pot? Then it's best to wait a while.

Severe thirst: may only dry out a few centimeters. As soon as the first 10-20% of the top layer of soil is dry, it's time for a sip!

Buy houseplants online?

That's why ordering online is so easy! Both small and large houseplants are carefully selected by the grower and will be delivered to your door together with their pot. This way you don't have to drag large houseplants around and the plant remains protected during transport. But we also deliver cuttings safely to you. Buying indoor plants online has never been easier.

At Dau we sell more than 100 different types of green plants for indoor use. With every plant, whether it is a Ficus, Alocasia, Strelitzia or Calathea, we also provide you with an explanation about the care. How much water does my plant need? Is it poisonous to animals? How much light does my houseplant need? Which pot suits my houseplants?

Caring for houseplants can sometimes be difficult. Every plant is unique. We are convinced that everyone can take care of houseplants and are happy to help you with this, which is why it is indicated for each plant how you can optimally care for it!

Onze favoriete kamerplanten

  • Palmen: Palmen geven je huis meteen extra sfeer door hun lange groene bladeren
  • Ficus: van heel klein tot xxl, deze planten zijn enorm divers
  • Vetplanten: vetplanten zijn vaak heel gemakkelijk te verzorgen kamerplanten en zien er nog leuk uit ook
  • Alocasia: deze mysterieuze kamerplanten kunnen een uitdaging zijn maar zijn een echte eye-catcher
  • Calathea: deze binnenplanten zijn de meest kleurrijke van allemaal en fleuren elke kamer op
  • Dieffenbachia: hoewel de Dieffenbachia giftig is voor dieren blijft het een unieke binnenplant
  • Dracaena: de Dracaena vergt weinig verzorging en heeft funky bladeren
  • Monstera: de Monstera is een klassieker voor elk huis met zijn unieke bladeren
  • Strelitzia: prachtige bloeiende kamerplanten
  • Philodendron Scandens: volgens ons zijn Philodendrons de mooiste hangplanten die er zijn
  • Varens: deze kamerplanten zijn net wat moeilijker en willen veel water maar zijn prachtig om naar te kijken

Which houseplant suits me best?

With more than 100 different types of houseplants, choosing can be difficult. Which houseplant best suits your interior? Which houseplant is easy or just a bit more challenging? Via our plant matcher you will be linked to your ideal plant. Amazing, right?

You can also adapt your plant to the atmosphere of your room or house by choosing a pot that matches your interior. Dau has a large assortment of pots that fit your favorite indoor plants. This is how you turn your living room into a real urban jungle full of beautiful potted houseplants. View our pots here.

Alle soorten kamerplanten

Bij Dau vind je kamerplanten voor iedereen:

Need advice?

What is the best place in my house for my houseplants with pot? Which plants should I put together? Is my plant still healthy? Which green houseplants suit me best? Which pot best suits my houseplants?

Do you need advice? First of all, we refer you to our blog and website, where an explanation is given for each specific houseplant. However, if you still have questions, you can always contact us via the contact button at the bottom left of your screen. Via Whatsapp you get the easiest and fastest answer! But you can always email us .